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Sunny Garden

Our mission

Sunny Garden was born from the desire to provide a space for children to learn English.

We provide an English only environment (immersion) that nurtures the curiosity of children, helping them to learn to speak confidently and act naturally with English speakers of the world.

We also think that it is important for the children to learn about the culture and the manners to complete their education.



Our Team

Hello Everyone.
I'm very pleased to be with you in our "Sunny Garden".
You are all beautiful flowers blooming in our garden - Always "Sunny Garden".
Greetings! I am Archie and I am one of the teachers (or gardeners) of Sunny Garden. I enjoy watching our children bloom as they enjoy and make new friends. I hope to see you soon!
Mornings at Sunny Garden are super fun. I am always greeted with big happy smiles and love to see the kids get bigger every day.
I look forward to coming in to see all of the kids in Sunny Garden. It's always fun and I am very lucky to get to watch everyone grow up and study together with them!

Hello Everyone!
I'm Anika. It's great to be at Sunny Garden and see everyone smile and learn.
It's such a wonderful place!


Hi! This is Ms. Yukari. I really enjoy and love being in here!!
I will do my best!!

Thank you!.


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